All Aglow - Perceptions Of Love


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In my early teenage years tenor saxophone was the big interest. Then
the lure of chords led to the study of vibraphone under Don Christ with
college gigs, etc. A hiatus to pursue a career in Physical Therapy never dampened the love of music, chord construction and their progressions,
and improvisation. Acquiring an old BC model Hammond organ from a TV station in Philadelphia kept it all alive. One’s ability to gain so much music from electronic organs with limited investment of study was appealing. My wife, Jean, studied under Buddy Bonds and passed it on to me, sustaining
my musical interest. Progressing through a Baldwin, the old Hammond,
and a series of Yamaha organs resulted in composing words and music.
Who hasn’t said, ‘I wish I had written that’?! It was time to give it a try in the
tradition of the old standards…

I hope you will enjoy All Aglow ~ Perceptions of Love
~ Howard Peters


Music & Lyrics by
Howard Peters

Joe Holt: Piano/Director *
Tom Baldwin: Bass
Alan Dale: Drums
Pete Smyser: Guitar
Sue Matthews: Vocals
Tim Dove: Vocals

Target Recording Studio,
Elkton, MD
Marc Moss: Engineer/Mixing

Graphic Design:
Photography: Matthew Hull


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